And to think it almost never happened. We had originally wandered into Lebowski’s, having heard great things about their burger offerings. We were dismayed to hear that thanks to a super busy weekend they had no food left.

Thankfully that trauma led us to this: the best burger in Glasgow. It might even be the best burger I have ever had. On a lazy Sunday with no other remarkable moments, this was an explosion of taste: a stupendous, calorific joy. Is it strange for me to derive such pleasure from a hunk of meat? I don’t care, this sandwich brought me close to weeping with sheer gratification.

From the first bite my tongue was a dancefloor, an opium lounge, a den of iniquity. There was more flavour per square inch here than in any other burger I have experienced. The brioche (again) bun absorbed the juices without becoming soggy, which allowed me to polish off the entire package. The meat was incredibly tender and impeccably seasoned, the tomato juicy and fresh. Topping it off was a generous amount of bacon and oozing cheese, which you can just see on the right of the photo. I felt spoiled.

Afterwards, bloated and feeling rather spoiled, we emerged blinking into the chilly Argyle Street evening, wondering if such a feeling could be attained again. If it is possible, it will be difficult to find. 6 out of 5 patties.