The Bank

The Bank is an old bank on Clarkston Road in the Southside. It used to be a bank and now it is a bar. Interesting story, eh? I bet the people who own it now reckon that with it being an old bank, that gives the building loads of character and suchlike. Even if that was true, it has been completely removed by the mismatching curtains and garish modern chandeliers that now make up the decor.

I must admit to cheating slightly with this one as only Sinead ordered a burger. Against my better judgement I went for Lamb meatballs with penne and tomato sauce. As is so often the case in life, the meatballs were fantastic but the pasta was so overcooked it was devoid of taste, and there was enough sauce to cover about 1/8th of the plate.

Sinead’s burger wasn’t amazing but it made me wish I had ordered differently. The meat was so loose the whole thing felt like it was going to fall apart. The bun was out of a packet, and it felt like the salad was too. Saying that, the burger was nicely seasoned and not a wholly unpleasant eating experience. The chips, on the other hand, were straight from the freezer and heated up to the minimum acceptable level. Pretty poor indeed: two and a half patties, if I’m being generous.